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Novel Surprising Homecoming

Novel Surprising Homecoming

Novel Surprising Homecoming


Surprising Homecoming

Returning Home Series #2

Wounded veteran and battered woman face more trials together!

After an RPG attack on their barracks in Afghanistan, corpsman, Wade Scott wakes up in an Army hospital in Germany with his right arm gone.His other friends were wounded too. Luke’s ankle was shattered, Amber lost her left leg and Ross was blinded.

Poor little rich boy, Wade, just wants to start a new life somewhere far away from anything in his past. He also wants to do everything he can to help his blind buddy Ross.

Serena Bell was attacked in her store a year ago and is now being stalked. The attacker was never found. Is it possible the stalker is the same horrible man wanting to do worse to her this time? She just wants to live a peaceful life while she manages her parents’ pet store.

Wade took Ross to his home in Michigan but that didn’t work out, so he brought him to Amber’s Bed & Breakfast where Luke was too.

Serena does not trust men and that applies to Wade Scott. She does not want to be near him. This is a problem since Amber is her cousin and best friend. How can she avoid Wade when he is living at Amber’s B&B?

Wade is attracted to Serena. But can he break down Serena’s barrier? How can he help his buddy Ross? Where does he want to live and work?

Join Wade and Serena in their adventure of life changing events.

E-Book or Paperback

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Novel Surprising Homecoming

Novel Surprising Homecoming



The Easy Study Bible Commentary

Not for scholars but for anyone who struggles to understand the New Testament!

The Easy Study Bible Commentary takes The Easy Study Bible Diagramed and examines, describes and expounds upon each New Testament book, chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph, verse by verse and finally phrase by phrase.

In my many years of Bible study, I have found this arrangement to be the easiest to follow and understand.

I have done my best to write this commentary with the idea in mind of making it easier for you to understand and therefore apply the great teachings that God gave to each of us through the various books of the New Testament.

At the end of each section that we study, I will give you what I call my Greek Paraphrase. What I do is to take all of the expanded Greek definitions and put them together to help us better understand the passage.

This will be in E-Book and Paperback

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