Seventy-three year old Ginny Faulkner’s husband, Leroy, was the Rockland PD chief for twenty years until his death eight years ago. Now, she has virtually taken over the PD and claimed it and all of its officers as her own children. Of course, she has a little help from Leroy’s lifelong friend, Dean, a retired doctor. Ginny knows everything that happens in Rockland, most of which she instigated or maneuvered.  Now she has taken on the latest class of graduates from the police academy. Four rookies, two male and two female, have become her latest project.

Read this series to see how Ginny makes things better for all the citizens of Rockland not just her police department.       

Looking Up

     Donna Parker, rookie police officer and daughter of a commander in another department is eager to start her new career at the age of twenty-three. She has had no time for anything except her schooling and the police academy. Now she is excited about finally being able to fulfill her dream of being a police officer. 

     Bob Coleman has fought the stigma of his father being the mayor and his father's unreasonable demands. He is a twenty-six year old lawyer who wants to be a prosecutor. 

     Donna finds that she has an enemy at Rockland PD. A new lieutenant who decides to take revenge and prevent Donna from completing her Field Training. Will Donna be able to handle the attack? 

     Bob is constantly resisting his dad and his dad’s best friend, the judge, in their efforts to marry him off to the judge’s daughter, Rachel.  What can he do to convince them to quit their matchmaking scheme? 

     Donna is fascinated by Ginny when she meets her. When Donna becomes part of Ginny's project, will Donna still be so fascinate? 

     Bob has known Ginny all his life and now he is about to find out how Ginny operates.  Will he like her as much when Ginny starts interfering in his life? 

     Donna arrests a man who beat his son and wife and Bob is assigned the case to prosecute it. They have many problems along the way, especially with the abusive husband.  Will this be the case that can destroy their new relationship? 

     Can Ginny, with a little help from God, bring these two young people together in spite of all the adversities they face along the way? 

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Looking Good

     Tyler Randall, twenty-four old rookie police officer and son of Las Vegas Casino hotel managers, is eager to finish his field training. He has repeatedly let everyone know that he’s only going to be in Rockland long enough to get on with the Metro P.D. back home. 

     Rachel Anderson, the daughter of Judge Willard Anderson, has always lived in Rockland, Arizona and does not plan to ever leave.  Rachel is very happy as a RN at the Rockland Memorial Hospital emergency room.  

     Tyler is about to become part of Ginny’s new project.  Ginny is out to change Tyler’s mind about returning to Las Vegas. 

     Rachel has known Ginny all her life and is well aware of Ginny’s involvement and influence over the town of Rockland.  When her mother divorced the “Judge” Ginny was there for her.  Now Rachel is about to find out how Ginny will be there for her yet again.

     Tyler was interested in Donna Parker but she met Bob Coleman and is now engaged to him.  Disappointed, Tyler starts to become interested in Rachel.  Rachel avoids him because she does not want to get involved with someone who definitely plans to move.  What can Tyler do to get her attention?  

     Rachel is pursued by Dr. Holland who works with her in the emergency room.  She likes and respects the doctor, but personally feels she does not want a relationship with a co-worker and there just isn’t that kind of attraction with him anyway.  Rachel realizes that Tyler is acting interested in her but she continues to avoid him.  What else can she do to discourage Tyler?

     Ginny is aware of some problems for her new project.  She knows that both Tyler and Rachel have to mature before a lasting relationship can develop.  Ginny continues to have the rookies for Sunday dinners to encourage a friendship between Tyler and Rachel. 

     How will Rachel handle Tyler’s insistence that she give him a chance to date her? Can she convince Tyler to stay in Rockland?

     Just as things seem to be going right for the couple, the troubles begin!  Tyler’s ex-girlfriend comes to town then Rachel’s father and brother Ken get involved in trying to destroy the relationship. What else can go wrong? 

     Rachel becomes the intended victim of a stalker. But she is confident that her “rookie” friends will be there to help her. How will she stay safe from the stalker?  

    Can Ginny, with help from God, the police department and friends, bring these two young people together in spite of all the problems they face along the way?  

    Will Tyler be able to tell Rachel she’s “Looking Good” when all the threats are resolved?

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Looking Out

     Sandy Wells has a major problem. She’s finally out of the police academy, off Field Training and now she’s looking forward to being on her own. Not! Now she has a partner! But he’s not just any partner but Jake Harper who has been nasty to her for the last seven months.

     Jake Harper has a major problem. He’s finally out of the police academy, off Field Training and now he’s looking forward to being on his own. Not! Now he has a partner! But she’s not just any partner but Sandy Wells who has been nasty to him for the last seven months. 

     How will Sandy and Jake possibly become true partners after arguing and fighting for so long? Their supervisors have given them no alternative – make this partnership work or else. 

     In addition to Jake’s assignment dilemma, his grandma is coming to town.  She may be from Upper New York and seventy-three years old, but no one would know it.  How can she be of any help to Jake or will this be another problem he has to deal with?

     Sandy’s past is coming between her and Jake. Now she has to face her past and resolve the problem.  How can she do it?

     Ginny has her own problem. Dean, after eight years, now wants to be more than just a friend to her. Will she let him? Can she let him?

     Just as things are starting to settle down, Sandy and Jake rescue a challenged adult who has been living on the streets since her mother died and she ran away. Sheila is a fifty-year-old with the mind of a child but she brings danger to all of them.

     An out-of-town gang is trying to move into Rockland.  How can they be stopped before people in Rockland get hurt? 

     Can Jake and Sandy keep Ginny, Grandma and Sheila safe? 

     Can Ginny, Grandma and even Sheila bring Jake and Sandy together? 

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The Rookies series



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