Three different men have addiction problems. Three different women come into their lives wanting to help them to recover and start new lives together.


Walking Straight


     Betty Sue Farris is running from her abusive ex-husband, for a third time.  He has already caught her twice in the past two years.

    As her bus passes through the little town of Strawberry, she is attracted to it because of its cheery Christmas decorations.  She steps off the bus and into the local diner where she meets Trish Howard. 

     Trish not only gives Betty Sue a job but also takes her into her own home thus changing Betty Sue's life forever.

    Before long, Betty Sue's ex-husband is there too and this time he plans to make it the last time.  What can she do to be free of him forever?

    Matt Livingston has a problem but it is not what everyone else thinks.  It is having an overbearing pastor for a father.  Matt rebelled as a teenager and at twenty-eight hasn't been able to stop.  

    Matt is into drugs and everything else that goes along with it.  Not only is he in denial but he just doesn't have a reason to change anything he's doing. 

   When Matt who is 6'7" meets Betty Sue who is 6'2" things begin to happen for both of them. 

   Can Betty Sue help Matt escape his life of drugs?

   Will she be able to give him a reason to quit and thus bring father and son back together?  Can Matt help Betty Sue to escape her ex-husband and give her the stable life she's never had?     

   Will Matt and Betty Sue allow God to guide them both out of their bad situations? 

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Walking Away

      Bright lights, flashing lights, noise, people, excitement and more, but Kent Jackson doesn't like any of it. He just likes winning and being alone!  But winning has become rare and Kent is getting more and more stressed both financially and physically, causing horrible headaches.

    Grace Donaldson is getting her seven-year-old daughter, Brianna, away from the big city and the damaging influence of her former in-laws.  She needs to be free from being told how and what to do in her life.  By moving back home to Strawberry, Missouri, and getting a teaching job at the local high school, Grace hopes to give Brianna a new life.  Now Grace is teaching down the hall from Kent.  How will they both act and react to the other one? 

     Kent is missing two things in his life.  First, his seven-year-old daughter, Michelle, has been missing with her mother for five years.  Second, he lost the love of his life when Grace met someone else in college, married him, and moved to St. Louis eight years ago.    But now Grace and her daughter have moved back to Strawberry and are living two houses down from Kent.

    Grace had not been aware that Kent loved her before.  Her marriage was not good, so Grace is in no way ready to get into another relationship,  Her most important challenge is to make her daughter happy again.

     Kent suddenly has another problem.  His principal is out to get him fired and is using his gambling as part of the reason.  

    Grace just thought she was getting away from her former in-laws only to find out that they bought a second home in Strawberry.  Now what?   

    Can Kent live and work so close to Grace?  Will he be able to find a way to regain his losses at the casino? Will he be able to get rid of his bad headaches?  What will life be like for Kent.  Can he handle another heartbreak? 

    ​Can Grace live and work so close to Kent?  Will she be able to keep her daughter safe and help Kent too?  

    Will Kent and Grace be able to rebuild their friendship and come together to help each other solve their problems?  Will Kent let God help him walk away from his addiction?  Will they be able to cope with the old problems and hurts and move on to better memories? 

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Walking The Line

     Larry Jackson and Joanne Lewis have both taught at Strawberry High School for eight years. Larry is happy with his life of drinking and running around. Joanne’s goal in life is to make her daughters safe and happy. He has always been rude to her and she has always tried to avoid him. Suddenly, things are changing for both of them. 

     At his twin brother’s wedding, Larry notices how wonderful a person that Joanne really is and wants to get to know her better. But she won’t have anything to do with him. Can he quit drinking and running around so he will have a chance with Joanne? 

     Joanne notices how Larry seems to be changing but will he be able to change enough? She doesn’t want to expose her daughters to another man like her abusive ex-husband David, who abandoned them once she was confined to a wheelchair after an accident caused by a drunk driver.   

     Larry has new problems when his ex-wife comes back to town claiming her son is his and wanting child support. 

     Joanne has new problems when David sends her a letter saying he’s coming back from Alaska to see his girls. Joanne is fearful that David might harm her or the girls. How will she be able to keep them all safe? What should she do?    

     Can Larry prove that the four-year-old boy is not his? Can Larry stay sober and quit chasing women to be able to build a relationship with Joanne? Can Joanne trust Larry? Can Larry prevent David Lewis from hurting Joanne? Can Joanne help Larry change? Can Larry give his life to Jesus?  

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