An adventure/suspense novel series that is action packed all the way 

from beginning to end. 

Greed's Reward

     Bear Creek, Arizona is generally a quiet place to live up in the mountains away from all the big city crime. This is about to change as threats are made, people are being shot at, men are murdered, and someone is staying at the old Ghost Town. Is that “someone” the killer/shooter?

     Blake Thornton along with his older sister, Reggie, and younger brother, Kirby, own a ranch in Bear Creek. In order to pay for the expansion of their herd, they have started a hunting guide service. Most of these clients/hunters want to hunt bear or mountain lion. 

     The Thornton’s have three men coming for a bear hunt. In order to prepare for them, Blake has decided to check the trail for signs of bear. However, someone starts shooting at him. Were they trying to killing him or scare him? Why? Blake didn’t think he had anyone that angry with him. 

     Upon arrival in Bear Creek, the hunters start to cause problems. Blake soon realizes that they are facing even more troubles with these men. The terms and rules of the hunt are given to the hunters and they agree to abide by them. But before the hunt can even get started, one of the hunters is found dead! Was it murder? Was it one of the other hunters who did it? Why? 

     Dixie Gordon runs one of two local bar and grills. Her husband, Dan, disappeared four years ago when their twin daughters were babies. The divorce proceedings will be final in three weeks. Dixie has just received word that her soon to be ex-husband is coming back to Bear Creek. Is he planning to try to stop the divorce, take the girls or try to get the bar? Why is he coming back now? Dan threatens Dixie.

     The other bar and grill owner is trying to hurt Dixie’s business, but why? They cater to different customers. Dixie is shot at twice. Is the shooter trying to scare her or kill her? Why? Who?

     Chip Green is investigating the murders and shootings. As more murders are committed, Chip needs help. Since Blake and Kirby are reserve deputies, Chip activates them when the extra help he has requested from the sheriff’s department doesn’t come. Blake tries to protect Dixie and find the killer. Can he keep Dixie and her girls safe? Can he keep himself safe? 

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Pride's Deception

     Kirby Thornton along with his older sister, Reggie, and older brother, Blake, own a ranch in Bear Creek. In order to pay for the expansion of their herd, they have started a hunting guide service. Most of these clients/hunters want to hunt bear or mountain lion. 

     Robin Beck has lived in Bear Creek most of her life. Three years ago while away in college, Robin lost her fiancé in Iraq. She came back to Bear Creek to run the family grocery store. Her mother died two years before and now it’s just her and her dad who runs the garage and gas station next to the store. Robin is finally thinking about getting on with her life now and comes to an agreement with her dad that they should both do that. 

     Kirby Thornton has loved Robin Beck for many years, but she has always counted him as her best friend, never any more. To cope with the rejection of Robin’s love, Kirby joined the army and after his discharge, works with his brother and sister.  However, he lives on the wild side.

     Robin’s three cousins want to go on a bear hunt.  Her cousin, Marcia, wants to go along for the adventure and convinces Robin to join them. 

     Kirby thinks that his chance to change Robin’s mind about him will come when she and her cousins are on the bear hunt that he will be guiding along with his brother and sister. 

     When Robin’s cousins come up to Bear Creek for the hunt, her cousin, Marcia, has just broken off her engagement to her abusive fiancé. The fiancé, Preston, comes to Bear Creek demanding that Marcia leave with him.  Marcia, is afraid of Preston and refuses to go with him.  Robin is determined to help Marcia. 

     Before the hunt even begins, Kirby and Reggie encounter the threat that Preston will be to the group.  Kirby, Blake and Reggie are questioning whether the four cousins, (Perry, Terry, Betty, Marcia) and Robin will be safe.  Will the Thornton’s be safe?  Should they cancel the hunt? Kirby is hoping that during the hunt, Robin will get to know him again and will give him a chance.  

     After deciding they would all go up into the mountains for the hunt as planned, Preston follows them.  Preston begins to be a threat as soon as the hunt starts.  

     As the hunt progresses, the Thorntons learn how Preston’s “pride” causes uncontrollable abuse. 

     Will the group be able to survive?  How can they get help?  Will Kirby be able to protect Robin from Preston?

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Fool's Profit

     Reggie Thornton along with her younger brothers, Blake and Kirby, own a ranch in Bear Creek. In order to pay for the expansion of their herd, they have started a hunting guide service. Most of these clients/hunters want to hunt bear or mountain lion. 

     Chip Green moved to Bear Greek twenty years ago when his father was transferred to the ranger station there.  Chip left the valley to go to the police academy and returned to Bear Creek as their deputy five years ago. Chip has always liked Reggie so much that she basically ruined him for other women. But he’s afraid to get close to her since she’d probably punch him if he tried. 

     Reggie is feeling lonely in her big home built for five people now that both of her younger brothers are married and living in their own homes next to hers on the ranch. Reggie wants a family too!  But, who would want to marry her, a six foot, thirty-year-old tomboy? Reggie has always liked Chip so much that he basically ruined her for other men. But the fool just can’t see that she likes him.

     When Chip is suddenly given custody of the nine-year-old daughter he didn’t even know he had, things really get complicated. His efficiency apartment won’t work so Reggie takes them both in at her four-bedroom house. Then Reggie starts helping Chip and Megan come together. 

     A Hollywood production company comes to make a movie at the Thornton ranch and at the old ghost town in the mountains above Bear Creek. Someone doesn’t want the movie people there and things start happening to drive them away, including bar fights, fires and even murder.

     Chip has to win Megan over and learn how to be a father to her, while living in the same house with Reggie. Sparks will fly all the way around when these three very different people are thrown together. 

     Will Chip and Reggie be able to resolve the problems facing the movie production company and the Thorntons and still keep everyone safe in the process?  Will there be any hope for Reggie and Chip to build a relationship? 

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The Bear Creek Series